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Hayleys_mummy started new topic Are your kids overweight too??

Hi Everyone, I noticed some of you are trying to start a huggies weight loss challenge which I think is a great idea! Any way of gaining support has to be a positive thing. I just want...

Saturday 12 December 08:03pm

Hayleys_mummy started new topic Help!! My sweet little 2yo just broke her leg!?!

I am looking for advice, any advice on what to do with a 2 yo with a broken leg. For those curious ones, she was jumping on the trampoline and landed wrong, then I heard the "crack" sound and I ne...

Monday 03 August 11:00am

Hayleys_mummy replied to topic Knowing my name

Hi Marni, I'm Candice and my reply is it seems to be the hardest thing to know when your baby is "supposed" to be doing something. Well I have an 8 month old who doesn't crawl yet and everyone who...

Wednesday 08 October 05:28pm

Hayleys_mummy started new topic Lactose Intolerance

Hi everyone, I'm new to this and I would love any information on babies with Lactose Intolerance. Anything on solids and when and if your babies ever grew out of this stage. ...

Saturday 09 August 04:06pm
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