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JessK05 started new topic Bath time troubles

[font="Georgia"][color="#FF00FF"][/color]hello everyone, I have a 2 month baby girl who used to LOVE bath time. She would smile and splash the whole time. For the last 3 nights she has screamed wit...

Wednesday 24 March 10:41am

JessK05 started new topic 30 weeks and was wondering when I will loose my plug???? please answer.

I was just wondering when the normal time is to loose your mucus plug? just so I dont freak out thanks.

Saturday 14 November 04:50pm

JessK05 started new topic First time being pregnant and Im having really bad mood swings and dreams. Help!!!

Hey everyone, Well Ill start from the start....Im 18 yrs old and Im 26 weeks pregnant. The father of my baby left me when i was 7 weeks pregnant and it was hard to cope. 18 weeks into my pregnancy ...

Wednesday 21 October 02:36pm

JessK05 started new topic Really Strating to worry about labour pain. Drugs or No drugs?

Well I orginally said to my midwives that I wanted to just have gas and pethadine but now Im very worried about how much its actually gonna hurt. Im 26 weeks and 4 days. Should I get the epidural?

Tuesday 20 October 06:19pm
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