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Sdhani replied to topic Morning Sickness

Coke.... My mom had HG with me for 6 months and a can o Coke was all she could keep down. I tried it with DS and it gave some temporary relief. Just a sip or two. This time ard I tried lemonade whi...

Wednesday 17 October 01:23pm

Sdhani replied to topic Long haul flight with 8 1/2 month old - feeding/drinking tips?

I asked for hot water as soon as we took off and they filled DS bottle for me. We then cooled it down and gave it to him. I also just carried some formula and mixed it on board.

Wednesday 17 October 12:53pm

Sdhani replied to topic Symptoms and cravings - gender specific?

In terms of symptoms, I've had heaps more with this pregnancy with DD then DS but don't know if it's bec it's my second pregnancy or due to the gender. Cravings wise.... I had a craving for my mo...

Wednesday 17 October 11:07am

Sdhani replied to topic Toddler behaviour towards Dad

Oh I feel for dad! My DH went thru periods like that with DS. DS would rather go to my mom or sis or bro as opposed to his dad. It used to make DH really upset as he is an only child who doesnt hav...

Friday 12 October 10:14am

Sdhani replied to topic For new parents and 2nd timers etc.

Thank you so much for your post. When pregnant with DS I had all this info thrown at me on what to do with a newborn. At the end of the day, it was instinct and what worked best for both of us. Thi...

Thursday 11 October 10:43am

Sdhani replied to topic Third trimester morning sickness?

It is possible. I know a few people who have had MS return. Mine never really went away. I still get sick at least once a week. Though I think it may be getting worse

Wednesday 10 October 11:14am

Sdhani replied to topic Gender heartrate

The old wives tale is that anything above 140 normally indicates a girl and under 140 beats per min indicates boy. Didn't work for me thou. My son's heart rate hovered ard 170 and little missy in m...

Wednesday 10 October 11:02am

Sdhani replied to topic pregnancy different with #2

At the beginning of this pregnancy I was told each pregnancy is different and boy were they right! Keep in mind your symptoms would have been quite pronounced the first time because you were carryi...

Tuesday 09 October 11:22am

Sdhani replied to topic banking cacluators = depressed :(

Little Miss's wrote: It's hard. We bought our house before we had kids and I was working. We can afford out repayments on one wage now but if we were to try and buy now it wouldn't happen. We reall...

Tuesday 09 October 11:07am

Sdhani replied to topic When to turn the carseat around?

We had DS rear facing till he was 1. After that we turned him around cos he was getting fussy facing the back of the seat instead of where we were going.

Saturday 06 October 01:32pm

Sdhani replied to topic dad walks into room and she crys

DS went through a stage where he didn't want to go to DH either. DH was quite upset cos he's really attached to his son. Told him he would outgrow it and he did. DS is a clingy child but now really...

Friday 05 October 09:11pm

Sdhani replied to topic Moving from a bottle to sippy one year old should I be doing this?

DS rejected the bottle at 7 months so I can't speak from personal experience but most of the 2 year olds in my Mother's grp still use a bottle for their night feed before going to bed. It's a comfo...

Friday 05 October 09:03pm

Sdhani replied to topic Hate being pregnant in 30 degree heat!!

We are in Melbourne so when the sun comes out so do we (so rare!). Spent the morning outdoors yesterday and felt sick the rest of the day. Thank god bubs comes out before the official start of summer!

Friday 05 October 08:52pm

Sdhani replied to topic Feeling so guilty :(

Sorry I can't help much.... I have a fussy eater myself. Just wondering thou if you have had the chance to speak to a dietician. They may be able to suggest the best foods for your little one. Also...

Sunday 30 September 11:19pm

Sdhani replied to topic Private or public for birth

I think it really depends on your individual situation. Are the public hospitals in the area any good? In my area the public hospitals are good and to be honest the private hospitals in he area are...

Sunday 30 September 11:12pm

Sdhani replied to topic morning sickness

Try experimenting with different things. I found different things helped in each pregnancy and something may work for a couple of weeks and then I can't stand the sight of it. I haven't been able t...

Saturday 29 September 07:36pm

Sdhani replied to topic Third baby labour stop / starting = So frustrating!

I had stop start labour with DS for 3 days. They found he had pooed on the 3rd day and I was induced the next. In our case he was stuck and could not progress any further. Ended up having a c-secti...

Wednesday 26 September 08:45pm

Sdhani replied to topic NEW Hyland's Teething Tablets

I haven't seen them back on either and I second Brauers... It's worked for DS and he was teething FOREVER

Tuesday 25 September 11:50pm

Sdhani replied to topic Where to find cheap baby books??

I normally borrow books from the library and if there's one he absolutely love I then buy it for him on Book Depository.

Tuesday 25 September 11:43pm

Sdhani replied to topic Baby capsule dilemma

I would look at hiring too. Keeping in mind that baby can only use a baby carrier up to about 6 months. We are going with Hire for Baby too and we are hiring a Safe and Sound Unity carrier and it's...

Tuesday 25 September 11:19pm
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