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grate87 replied to topic Life after breakup

Thank you very much for your replies. I really appreciate you sharing your ideas with me. I think that some of them could definitely work for me especially breaking down the cleaning jobs and freez...

Thursday 14 August 06:17pm

grate87 started new topic Life after breakup

Ok so my DF and I just broke up last weekend after 6 years of being together. We got together when I was 21 we were pregnant by the time I was 22 had a second when I was 24 and now im 27 and single...

Wednesday 13 August 09:39pm

grate87 replied to topic Does it get better??

OMG I was just about to write a post posing the same question TallulahBelle about my 3.5 year old DD. It makes me feel so much better to hear another mum going through the same thing!!!

Friday 25 April 07:47pm

grate87 started new topic Newborn Baby Girl Starter Pack Brisbane

I have just put an awesome pack on ebay for anybody having a baby girl in Brisbane. It includes a cot, change table, pram and much more. Check it out!

Monday 14 October 10:26am

grate87 started new topic Screen door lever handle

Hi My 3-year old DD took a tumble down some stairs at my in laws the other day when she managed to open up their front screen door. What is the best safety accessory I can get for this. Trying to l...

Sunday 30 June 03:03pm

grate87 started new topic Not doing too well

Ok so I have suffered from depression for years on and off to the point where I was suicidal when I was 20 however when I gave birth to DD2 in January every thing was ok for a while and then one da...

Thursday 16 August 09:47am

grate87 started new topic Just so over it!

So its 5 in the morning and have just gotten up with DD2 who is 6 months old after waking up every three hours during the night and then me having a 2 hour awake period from 2 until 4 because DD1 k...

Monday 30 July 05:26am

grate87 started new topic Really bad PMS

Hi all DD2 is almost 6 months old and my monthly visitors have just started to come again. This is my second month and I have had the worst PMS both months. I have had a couple of days of depressi...

Thursday 21 June 07:33am

grate87 started new topic To day care or not to day care?

Ok this may get long winded as I have been emotional about this issue for the last couple of days. My now 2 year old DD1 was in home day care until 6 months ago when I went on maternity leave so de...

Friday 08 June 06:26am

grate87 started new topic Sleep frustration

My three month old's sleep pattern just doesn't seem to be changing from when she was born. I have her on a rather strict daily routine which is supposed to influence good night sleeping however sh...

Tuesday 17 April 05:47pm

grate87 replied to topic Ahhhh Grrrr

Oh I hear you they are very smart Mine don't chuck their food But they are just a naughty in other areas With my 24 months I can't even say stop don't come here and forget it if I say no Wat...

Wednesday 28 March 11:46pm

grate87 started new topic Ahhhh Grrrr

I cannot believe that I have just had like a 20 minute match with my 22 month old. She tipped her packet of sultanas on the floor and I swear I asked her about 15 times to pick them up. All I got m...

Wednesday 28 March 08:38pm

grate87 started new topic Housekeeping Questions

1) The tiles that are in our showers are absolutely impossible to clean and keep clean. They are really really rough and as a result hold absolutely everything. Even if we leave the cake of soup ov...

Tuesday 27 March 01:43am

grate87 replied to topic Sex and getting back into shape

I bled for about 5 weeks with each baby so we tried at about 6 weeks. It was very uncomfortable first time so we didn't take it too far (felt like first time again). It was about 8 or 9 weeks befor...

Tuesday 27 March 01:20am

grate87 replied to topic Suddenly Snack Feeding

The worst part with snack feeding is that bub will only be getting the foremilk and not the good fatty hindmilk too. I had this with my DD and the community health nurse told me as hard as it is, ...

Monday 12 March 10:27pm

grate87 started new topic Suddenly Snack Feeding

My 9 week old has over the last three days developed a bad habit of snack feeding. She will only take one boob for about five minutes after she wakes up and as a result will only sleep for half an ...

Monday 12 March 09:23pm

grate87 started new topic One of those days

I am having such a cr*p morning. I took DD1 and DD2 (8 weeks old) to my mums Sunday night and it has totally chucked DD2 out of her routine. She is only snack feeding and catnapping so I am constan...

Tuesday 06 March 08:14pm

grate87 replied to topic Save our sleep

Tizzie only says to ignore the protest cry, all other crys should be attended to, the moment your bubs starts emotionally crying she says to comfort your baby. She also says once you have entered...

Sunday 05 February 07:30am

grate87 replied to topic Save our sleep

Can you please tell us a bit more info about the technique and what you are doing and what bubs is doing. There is alot of judgement on the book as you will probably realise, but if your swaddli...

Sunday 05 February 07:28am

grate87 started new topic Save our sleep

Hi I have been using the save our sleep technique for my 4 week old since she was 2 weeks however when I put her down to go to bed at night it is taking about 2 hours to get her to sleep using the ...

Saturday 04 February 08:51pm
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