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Zanzarah replied to topic Breastfeeding

I had my first baby when I was fifteen years old, and was able to feed her for nine moths, after that my milk dried up and she went straight on a cup. I can understand that a lot of mothers have d...

Saturday 24 May 03:58pm

Zanzarah replied to topic Periods

With my first baby I had no periods at all when I was breastfeeding, so you can imagine my shock when the week after the afterbirth bleed i started again. This continued for another week and then ...

Saturday 24 May 03:46pm

Zanzarah replied to topic Changing nappies

I have a 9 week old baby girl. In the beginning my partner would change her, but only when I asked him to. Now its a whole different story. If I ask him to change her nappy he gives me a foul lo...

Saturday 24 May 02:45pm
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