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We chose a local Catholic school for our daughter, and I couldn't be happier with our choice. At year 1 level, she is aware of the events which surround Christmas, Easter and the celebration of different Saint's Days. She is being taught creation, and the way that we are all part of God's family, forgiveness, and being kind and thoughtful people (which, if I remember, is a theme to the Bible......its been a while for me!). Her reports place an emphasis on RE, but more around developing selves into wholesome beings I suppose, but RE is another subject just like Maths and Science. I am very pleased for her to be given this knowledge, and then when she is older she can make up her own mind. Michelle

Jess, I hope that today is a better day for you. I wish I could take away this pain. xxx

Thanks I did think of the day spa idea, as she is in exactly the right region of Vic for that, but I love the sheets idea. She hasn't been left with much. I am going to check out a jeweller this week and see what I can find there. Thanks for your reply Michelle

Hi everyone, I have just spoken with a friend who I have seen or spoken to for some time - I guess life and distance has gotten in the way. Anyway, she has asked me to her 40th this coming weekend (a very casual thing), but she also told me that she has recently left her husband. I want to give her a gift that says Happy Birthday, but one that moreso says "You are a strong, independant person, and I know you can do it" I NEED IDEAS!! Please anything you can think of will be greatly appreciated! TIA Michelle

Jess, I don't have any experience with what you are goung through, but I would peresvere with the counselling. You may find that after building up a relationship with the counsellor with normal chit chat, one day you may find it is the right time to talk, and you'll have a trusted person to talk with. Enjoy your coffee and have a bit of chocolate as well Michelle

We seemed to do things different to most, and we had children at the ceremony and the reception. Acutally we had 8 under 10 in the bridal party. The way that we looked at it was that if there oarents were important enough to be invited, then so were the children. Somne chose not to bring their children, but we ensured that their names were on the invitations and that they were very welcome. Michelle

I don't really have anything to add Jess. Just know that I am thinking about you, and wishing I could take all of the pain away. I have cried and said a prayer for you Jess xxx

I wanted to publicly thank the Mods and the IT team. When the site changed over I had soem odd things happening with my acct. I had my old username, but no post history and I couldn't log on with my original email address. So I contacted the mods and within a few days I had all of my posts (8000+) back and it was all sorted. I recieved some lovely emails and I am pleased with what they did for me. I hadn't expected it, nor would it have made much difference, but I am pleased that my 6 years of Huggies is still around lol Thanks Huggies

I just saw it on Sunrise - makes me want to read the series again...for the 3rd time I cannot wait for the film!

This is just awful. At our school, we have seen bullying begin in Kinder, and it is scary to think what things these kids could do/say as they get older. Does your niece's mother know what is going on? and about the things she is putting on FB. What about the school? I would be making the school aware as perhaps they have no idea, and suggesting to them that they put some kinds of program into place to deal with these issues. Good luck with this one. Michelle