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kookymom replied to topic Manual Removal Of Placenta-can anyone tell me more

Hi, I also lost heaps of blood and blood pressure next to nothing when I had my daughter and no one else I know had been through this or heard of it happening. I just thought labour would go smooth...

Monday 28 February 03:42pm

kookymom replied to topic Travel with babies, Tips please

Hi, The main advice is make sure they are sucking on a bottle or something when landing and taking off as this will help with ears blocking. I was pertrified of flying with my daughter last christm...

Wednesday 29 December 12:34pm

kookymom replied to topic Sympathetic Pregnancy

My hubby had a sympathic pregnancy up until i was 4 months. The morning sickness, tiredness and weight gain. I thought he was just being stupid in the beginning but as time went on so did his sypto...

Saturday 04 December 02:16pm

kookymom replied to topic I'M OVERDUE. Any tips to bring on baby.

Hi, I tried driving over bumpy roads, walking a long way, eating fresh pineapple, HOT baths, but the day I stopped trying was the day I went into labour. So I don't really know if was all my effor...

Tuesday 09 November 08:14pm

kookymom replied to topic Irritated & clumsy

hi, I got very irritated by people when I was pregnant. And suddenly I wasn't afraid to let them know how much they irritated me. One poor guy I worked with wore the whole lot as I didn't like him ...

Tuesday 09 November 08:09pm

kookymom replied to topic pregnancy announcements

hi, i just love how some people have told family. I told my mum I was pregnant at our weekly catch up goss. She said was there anything else she should know before going back to work and I said nop...

Tuesday 12 October 11:15am

kookymom replied to topic If he refuses to be a father now, maybe he doesn't want to be a father at all??

Hi Jenni, I would see a lawyer about custody just to be sure and just to put your mind at ease about the process if and when it does come. Chances are he's only doing it to scare you and using the ...

Thursday 09 September 11:06am

kookymom replied to topic scared to be pregnant again!!!

Thanxs for the advice. I think I'm just letting my imagination run away with me. I just thank god it was me that had trouble and not my beautiful babe. I talked to the doc and he said see how the...

Saturday 31 July 06:41pm

kookymom started new topic scared to be pregnant again!!!

Hi, I had a horrible 1st labour, sort of easy pregnancy once I got over the all day/nite vomitting, and now am scared of having another one. We've said at the end of this year to start trying, but ...

Sunday 25 July 06:20pm

kookymom replied to topic Any Ideas To Help Induce Labour?

Hi everyone, hate to say it but, nothing really works. I had really painful braxton hicks for two weeks straight!!! Non-stop everyday and every night, enough to drive you nuts. My hubby and I did e...

Sunday 18 July 10:33am

kookymom started new topic dragging left foot while walking

Hi, My girl has been walking for about a month now and I just noticed she drags her left leg behind and walks with her feet pointing out. It seems to be getting worse. I have got appointments with ...

Saturday 10 July 06:08pm

kookymom replied to topic Showers!! Bath Seats?

Hi ZacsMum, My daughter has been having showers with either me or her dad since she was about 3 months old. She loves them and tries to catch the water. Sometimes it's just easier or you're in a hu...

Sunday 04 July 07:05pm

kookymom replied to topic How often do you wash baby's hair?

Hiya everyone, I had a laugh when reading this post. I don't have to worry about washing my bubs hair. She's nearly 14 months and still dosen't have any hair. She has a tiny bit of "bum fluff" on t...

Saturday 03 July 07:02pm

kookymom replied to topic pregnancy and your work

Hi, My place of work sacked me within 2 weeks of me telling them I was pregnant. And to make me feel real good they had a replacement b4 I even left. It worked out better for me, but that wasn't th...

Thursday 24 June 01:18pm

kookymom replied to topic Not crawling

hi, My girl didn't even look like she was ever growing to crawl at nine months, then at 10 and a half months she started commando crawling and a week later the real deal. They'll do it when they're...

Wednesday 26 May 04:37am

kookymom replied to topic When to pack?

Hi, I had my bags packed about 3 weeks before. I bought all new toiletries so that they could all be packed and nothing would be forgotton, but it was. I forgot my prized pillow that I can't sleep ...

Saturday 22 May 04:13pm

kookymom replied to topic controlled crying

Hi Toni, Just wondering if your bub has cried for hrs on end in pain and distress and it doesn't look like they'll ever quieten down. If so how can you say to leave your babe for 5-10 mins to calm ...

Tuesday 18 May 09:14am

kookymom replied to topic controlled crying

Hi Jas, I've tried just letting her stay up, but it just makes her more tired and irratable and wakes a couple of times through the night. If I perservere when she's first ready to go to bed, we al...

Tuesday 18 May 05:57am

kookymom replied to topic controlled crying

Hi, I fully agree with everyone else here. Who are we to judge anyone else here. We're posting for help, love and advice, not judgement and lectures. Just to get back to the topic at hand. My daugh...

Monday 17 May 08:52am

kookymom replied to topic Banning of bath seats

hi, I never leave my bubba in the seat by herself out of the room, but I did brush my teeth while she was happily playing in her bath seat. Twice now it has slipped and she's been under. Never for ...

Friday 07 May 12:45pm
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