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larissa replied to topic Feeling Guilty

I too felt guilty when I couldn't BF. But in all honesty, now I feel that I have bonded so much better with my DD and get enjoyment out of seeing her have a bottle with her dad as well! I know all ...

Saturday 10 January 07:51am

larissa replied to topic From breast to bottle

this is for Jade H, don't you realise there is enough pressure for women to breast feed and are made to feel bad if they can't or want to stop without our peers lecturing us as well! If she wants t...

Thursday 08 January 08:22am

larissa replied to topic boiled water

Hi, thanks for all the advice, i thought it's probably best to still boil the water and i mean, it doesn't take long!!!

Thursday 08 January 08:11am

larissa started new topic boiled water

Hi For Xmas my parents gave us a water purifier (just what we always wanted!!!!??!!) I was wondering if anyone knew if it was ok to use the purified water rather than boiling water for my 12wo baby...

Sunday 04 January 11:30am

larissa replied to topic how much sleep?

Hi hopefully your sleep school went well, she is slowly getting back into the routine of day time sleep, i have been putting her to bed after her hour and a half is up and just today she has been ...

Tuesday 30 December 04:47pm

larissa started new topic how much sleep?

Hello everyone, My little girl is nearly 11 weeks old and for the last two weeks she has just stopped sleeping during the day. She's not overly grumpy or anything and sort of takes cat naps when s...

Wednesday 24 December 11:25am

larissa started new topic soy formula

Hello everyone, I have only just weaned fully my 10wo girl onto formula and have had some troubles finding the right one. I apologise if I gross people out but her poos are just really dark green, ...

Sunday 21 December 08:35am

larissa replied to topic Avent formula dispenser

I haven't tried mine in the microwave, but it is fine in the electric steriliser and in a saucepan of boiling water, so you should be ok and if it does melt, it's only $8 so you can easaily get ano...

Sunday 21 December 08:32am
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