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Channie replied to topic pregnancy announcements

Hi Lindab, I don't have any suggestions on announcements, although I have a baby tipping comp going on. If it is your second or third, this just adds something a bit special to it all. It works l...

Thursday 21 October 01:58pm

Channie replied to topic Involving your other child/children

Hi Tracy, Not sure if you've had bubby yet but. When your son comes into the hospital to visit for the first time maybe let him open the presents that people have given you for the baby. Also whe...

Thursday 21 October 01:48pm

Channie replied to topic due in october "04" mums to be buddies

Hi I'm also due in OCTOBER with my third baby. October 27th. This will be my third girl. My first labour took 12 hours, second 4 hours and this one is scaring me a little.

Thursday 21 October 01:36pm

Channie replied to topic Girls names

Hi Jenni-lea I'm due for my third baby on October the 27th. Its a girl and my husband and I are having the same problem with the name only this is third girl name we have to choose. So It is very ...

Thursday 21 October 01:27pm
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