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sarah20 replied to topic FISHER-PRICE AQUARIUM

i would love to know where in new zealand i can buy the fisher price aquariam and i love the sound of the swing...thomas only settles properly if i rock his bassinette (it has wheels), and the swin...

Wednesday 05 May 04:38am

sarah20 replied to topic Controlled Comforting/Crying under 6 Months

hi my 8 week old is so alert and ready to see the world that even when he is tired he fights going to sleep. i usually put him in his bed at the very frst signs of tiredness, he does cry, but i le...

Wednesday 05 May 04:36am

sarah20 replied to topic Banning of bath seats

i feel so sorry for their loss..but what parent leaves a baby in the bath by themselves to go and answer the phone?? tineka...i know that some warehouse stores and some farmers stores sell them, b...

Wednesday 05 May 04:22am

sarah20 replied to topic Anyone 4 Coffee??

hi gals my name is sarah, and i live in st.johns/remuera...i would love to go to a coffee group, it would be great to meet new people...i dont know that many in auckland. wednesdays i cant becos ...

Wednesday 05 May 04:15am

sarah20 replied to topic Length of First Period

i had my baby 5 weeks ago and haven't had mine yet, but reading this has made me quite standoffish to having my period. before i was pregnant, they were really heavy and painful, but would only las...

Wednesday 14 April 06:53pm

sarah20 replied to topic Ummm...SEX!!

i havent had the pain as bad, i had not quite a tear but more than a graze, if you can understand and my partner were able to have sex after 2 1/2 weeks, although the first few times were ...

Wednesday 14 April 06:49pm

sarah20 replied to topic Oral Thrush

my 5 week old has had it for about 2 weeks now, but in the last few days it has gotten quite bad. i haven't managed to get anything for it, cos i don't know what to get, but i have heard that the g...

Wednesday 14 April 06:40pm

sarah20 replied to topic Differences between formulas?

my 5 week old is on karicare infants, whey dominant, and i find it really great, and cheaper. (although nz prices are different to aus) and has taken to it really well. it has made him a bit consti...

Wednesday 14 April 06:37pm

sarah20 replied to topic 6 week not sleeping in the day

my 5 week old does the same thing. during the day he is awake more, but that is due to the fact that he can see things more and is really nosey. he has his bottle and brings up wind ok, but when i...

Wednesday 14 April 06:30pm

sarah20 started new topic club feet

hi my little 5 week old has club feet. he has to have plaster casts put on every week until he is 4 months old, then he might have to have surgery depending on how they correct. i was wondering if ...

Wednesday 14 April 06:15pm

sarah20 replied to topic mums in their 20's!!

hi everyone name: sarah age: 20 (21 in july!!) location: auckland, nz no. of kids: 1 age of kids: 5 weeks on saturday marital status: a very loving and caring partner email & msn messenger: cube_...

Thursday 08 April 07:48pm

sarah20 started new topic anyone live around st.johns

im a new mum to 5 week old thomas. i have recently moved up here from hamiltn a few months ago and i dont know many people around here, especially with children. i would like to get to know a few ...

Wednesday 07 April 05:56pm

sarah20 replied to topic Formula and Constipation

i have the same problem with my little midwife suggested this.... in a cup of water, boil a prune, and give your baby a teaspoon of it...dont do it everyday, like 2-3 times a week and it h...

Monday 05 April 07:17pm

sarah20 replied to topic Young Mums

hi everyone im 20 and i have a 3 week old son, named thomas. he came out a week early, but i was also in establishing/early labour for 10 days, and in full strong labour for contraction...

Tuesday 30 March 07:26am

sarah20 replied to topic had enough....

i'm getting pains in my hips and groin area too, but i just jump in the shower or bath and that soothes them. the sleepless nights have come now, so all day i just sleep. just over two weeks to go ...

Thursday 26 February 09:20am

sarah20 replied to topic When Are your Due Dates?

hi everyone, im new to these forums too. im nearly 38 weeks and counting the days down. name: Sarah Due: 11 march 2004 Children: my first one, and not my last

Tuesday 24 February 08:40am

sarah20 started new topic had enough....

well im new to this forum, and im 37 weeks pregnant. my baby weighs around the 3kg mark and i am getting tired of been pregnant. am i the only one?

Saturday 21 February 08:57pm
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