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I wash Emmas hair every night with a separate shampoo and conditioner. If I dont it ends up quite tangly in the mornings (she has reasonably long hair).

I just had my first appointment last week at a public hospital in SA and was given my first Bounty Bag. So its obviously not all PH's, possibly just your state? How disappointing if you dont get them. I'm glad you can pick them up from the chemist instead. I'll remember that if I dont happen to get my second one.

You could try places like the - Hahndorf Animal Barn - Big Rocking Horse (has a toy shop and an animal enclosure) - Cleland (although I think its a bit pricey) - Gorge Wildlife Park (I think this is better than Cleland) - A ride on the popeye (if its not too cold) - Mini Train Rides on a Sunday (a different Sunday every month at various locations, they advertise is in whats on in the Sunday Mail). Costs about $5 to get in, the rides are unlimited, we usually take a packed lunch and spend a few hours there. - St Kilda Playground is great if its not too far away. We have been taking our daughter there since she was about 1. There just a few things we have done on the weekends.

They are a bit pricey - $40 for premium, $30 for A Premium and $20 for B Premium. I went all out and got 2nd row seats right in the middle at $40 each, but I know Emma will absolutely love it. I havent told her yet as its too far away. Think I will wait and tell her on the morning that we are going.

Testing my ticker

I've booked my tickets for the Adelaide show on September 29. My daughter is mad Thomas fanatic. She will love it!!

Hi Melissa I am 9w3d and I am also totally exhausted. I am the same as you in that I've had no ms but I hope this tiredness passes soon and so does my DP lol. Take care Tracy

I am a member at Contours in Mawson Lakes SA. I find it great. I have been going since October last year, and attend at least 3 times a week, sometimes more, if I can get there. The one I go to is great in relation to the music. They have a huge selection and I have only heard a couple of songs ever repeated. The instructors are great at showing you different exercises to do on the rebound boards, which is what you do inbetween each machine. You are on a machine, or rebound for 45 secs before you change to the next one. The 30 mins goes really really quickly, especially if you are chatting away while you exercise. I joined for a year, and will be renewing my membership in October this year. I am currently pregnant (only early stages), and they will put my membership on hold once I decide I can't go anymore, and I just need to let them know once bubs is born and I want to go back, and they'll reinstate me. They will give you a trial workout and consultation for free, so you...

Hi, I am pregnant with no 2 due in Jan 08. With my dd, I was 9 days overdue, and was induced, but had to have a c-section as my cervix didnt open. This was detected in the last couple of appt's with the obst (but he thought it would open closer to the due date. Anyway I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so, did it happen for any subsequent pregnancies. I would love to have a vbac but of course if I can't another c-section is fine.

I've been lucky enough to meet a couple of you already, and would love to come to Cafe Primo, but the only days I can make it are the weekend. I work Mon-Wed in town and Thurs-Fri from home (till 3.30pm) If anything is ever organised for a Saturday I'll be sure to be there.