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SO DD is Dear Daughter DD1 is their first Dear Daughter, If they have more then one daughter. DD2 is their second dear daughter and so on. DS is Dear don DS1 is their first dear son. DH is Dear Hu...

Sunday 26 June 11:26pm

Kylie+2 started new topic Please Explain

Can someone please explain to me what the Abbreviations mean? Like D1 DD2..? i dont know any of them lol !

Sunday 26 June 10:40pm

Kylie+2 replied to topic Just a question I had

No problem! I had to find out a lot about identical twins when I found out I was pregnant...and I knew nothing of twins before that lol! I was really glad I understood the need for a c/section and...

Sunday 26 June 09:09pm

Kylie+2 replied to topic Settling TWINS

Thank you so much for your reply i have been considering sleep school, but did want to try and avoid it. But i'm thinking thats where we are headed very soon!

Sunday 26 June 08:55pm

Kylie+2 started new topic Settling TWINS

Hi, can any one give me advice on how to teach my 12 month old twins to put themselves to sleep? At the moment i still have to rock, pat, and sing each one to sleep! so my bed time routines are t...

Sunday 26 June 06:42pm

Kylie+2 replied to topic Babys in there own room

Hi Caitie I have 12 month old Twin girls, and I was told by my doc and midwives, that its SIDS reccomendation to keep bubs in your room until age 1 ! ...i listened to this advice, however now i...

Sunday 26 June 06:37pm
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