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Ri-ti replied to topic Did you (or do you want to) have an elective c-section?

this is my second and im planning an elective csection. 44hrs of labour with my first which ended in an emergency csection anyway. I wasn't prepared for it, my family had to take sick leave to...

Tuesday 19 April 12:52pm

Ri-ti replied to topic single mum a week a go:((

ive been there, over a yr ago now, but things will get better. try to make some time for yourself to go out and have fun and meet new people.

Wednesday 27 January 03:26pm

Ri-ti replied to topic Due September 2016

Hi All, I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am pregnant with #2 around 22nd September. My daughter is about to turn 5 and this is a different partner. We weren't expecting this, but sinc...

Wednesday 27 January 03:19pm

Ri-ti replied to topic nappy wrapper disposal systems

i got one for free, and its pretty good. easier than trying to manage nappy bags whilst looking after bubs. only thing ive found is they fill up quickly, and as i threw out the box, i have no idea ...

Sunday 06 March 08:00am

Ri-ti replied to topic Badly cracked nipple won't heal

i had the same problem. after only 4 days in hospital, i had to use a nipple shield, and although it was still painful, it meant she couldnt do any more damage. i would definitely contact the hospi...

Thursday 03 March 04:25am

Ri-ti replied to topic Due in Feb 2011

hi everyone, wanted to announce the birth of Princess Bubbles, now known as Alyce on 18th Feb at 8.24am. she was born via csection after a long labor and after stalling at 5cm dilated and 44hrs of ...

Thursday 24 February 06:40am

Ri-ti replied to topic When do babies 'drop' so to speak?

hi Jenn4, as this is my first bub, i cant give any feedback from experience, however have heard that some babies dont drop until your well into labour. i also have a friend who said she dropped onl...

Tuesday 08 February 10:13pm

Ri-ti replied to topic Due in Feb 2011

hi everyone, starting to get anxious now. but now im getting friends and family telling me i will go over due i dont think its helped because im now running into my second week after finishing wor...

Tuesday 08 February 12:45am

Ri-ti replied to topic Due in Feb 2011

hi everyone. argh getting so close now, im actually getting really scared! i think ive started nesting. started cooking all the time, cleaning all princess bubbles clothes and sheets etc, cleanin...

Wednesday 02 February 10:03pm

Ri-ti replied to topic Due in Feb 2011

hi everyone, dont think ive posted on here yet. im due on 20th Feb with my first, my little princess 'bubbles'. getting really close now! i finish up work this friday which will be a relief, and ha...

Wednesday 26 January 03:37am

Ri-ti replied to topic Abusive dad

wow. ive never been in your situation, but i was shocked when i read this. i just wanted to send some virtual hugs and strength to you and your children. im so glad you have had the strength to lea...

Wednesday 26 January 02:55am

Ri-ti replied to topic when to start?

hi, im in a similar position, however luckily im still working. i know, through my work, that centrelink should be able to help. you may have to apply for newstart payments until bubs is born, howe...

Wednesday 19 January 04:46am

Ri-ti replied to topic Self consious of the 'waddle'

i remember from very early on, i was waddling. i had such tight pains in my front pelvis, what i called stretching pains, that it was hard to walk properly. my partner and family made fun of me, bu...

Wednesday 19 January 02:57am

Ri-ti replied to topic Sick of people asking the same thing

I'm at the opposite side of the sex thing, everytime I tell someone we are expecting a girl they say No the scan is wrong it will be a boy. Ummm what the hell I just feel like slapping them <im...

Thursday 06 January 12:58pm

Ri-ti replied to topic Perenium Stretching?

ive heard about the stretching, however was told by my midwife there is no evidence to say it helps at all. i was also warned at antenatal class about the machine that stretches the area. apparentl...

Monday 03 January 12:35pm

Ri-ti replied to topic So lost

hi sponge gloss, i havent experienced what you are going through, but i just wanted to offer a big hug. all i can say is sometimes life sucks big time! i lost my partner almost 2 yrs ago, and noth...

Friday 31 December 03:49am

Ri-ti started new topic weight loss during the third trimester

had my fortnightly appointment at the hospital yesterday, and have lost weight (for the second time). im 32 wks pregnant and at the same weight i was 6 weeks ago. the doctor said they werent too co...

Friday 31 December 03:25am

Ri-ti replied to topic Feta cheese while pregnant

i know this may sound bad, but ive eaten feta, along with a whole heap of other foods im not meant to eat, throughout my entire pregnancy. when i spoke to my doctor about it, he said its only due t...

Friday 31 December 02:55am

Ri-ti replied to topic he left

hi Hayley, i went through this about a month ago. im 8 months this week, and my partner left 2 days after our baby shower. he said the same, he loves me, but isnt in love with me. we are still talk...

Saturday 25 December 02:58am

Ri-ti replied to topic Am I really THAT big?

ive been asked all the way through my pregnancy if im carrying twins, or if im sure my due date is right! when i was at my check up 2 wks ago, i got asked by a woman due in december what day i was ...

Thursday 23 December 03:40am
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