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Tane's_Mummy replied to topic Possibly TMI

Hi there, I don't think you have too much to worry about. I had a tummy bug and my midwife said it would all be okay. I was vomiting and groggy belly. the whole 10 yards! I was one of those 1st ti...

Sunday 20 November 12:25am

Tane's_Mummy replied to topic Young chch mummies. :)

Heya, Im Mikaela im 20 and my babygirl is 10months old.. Just wanting to get to know some other young mums. My facebook is, Mikaela Anderson Give me an add. Heya, I'm Jessie-Kate im 21 and my ...

Tuesday 20 September 07:36pm

Tane's_Mummy replied to topic Coffee/Playdate

Hey im a 23 year old mum with a 2 year son and a 6 week old girl who would like to meet some more people for a coffee/playdate. I live out in rakaia on a dairy farm but often go into Chch Hi the...

Tuesday 20 September 07:31pm

Tane's_Mummy replied to topic When did you get your positive preg test??

I bought a pregnancy test and it had 3 sticks so I did them after I was 3 weeks late (my cycle has always been messed up), the first 2 were negative and then one day before a shower I thought I'd g...

Tuesday 31 August 06:37am
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