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Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Teachers gift?

As an infant teacher, the VERY best gift from parents is them taking the time to write in a card and say thank you and acknowledge the work they have done with your child. I have gotten loads of ...

Wednesday 12 December 08:52pm

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Weekly Huggies Forum Promotion! Win a Winnie the Pooh play tunnel! 19 Sept 2012

1. Baby panadol turned out to be the most useful present. My friend is a pharmacist and gave me a little emergency pack. It was so great to have that little bottle in the cupboard the first time ...

Sunday 23 September 11:18am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic SGA

My bub was 3rd percentile when she was born. At 20 weeks all was good but by 26 weeks she has dropped to 5th percentile and my OB was worried. I had twice weekly CTGs and weekly scans and OB chec...

Saturday 28 April 07:16pm

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Curious

I had stacks of braxton hicks from as early as 18 weeks or so. At 35 weeks I was having an internal exam and my OB got all excited and asked if my braxton hicks had become regular because I was 3c...

Tuesday 17 April 06:47am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic a question about periods!

When BFing everything is pretty much normal with periods! My period returned 6 weeks after DD was born and has continued every month (I was quite disappointed really!). I am fully BFing and althou...

Sunday 21 August 04:51am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Is it okay to let a 3 month old 'Cry it Out'?

Well this one is an emotive topic!! I had a sleep consultant round to help me out because at 4 months my DD was taking 4 hours to get to sleep at night. If it works for you, who cares, do whateve...

Sunday 10 July 01:38am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Have to have another growth scan - small baby

Hi there I had a small baby and she was IVF so we knew the dates were accurate! At my 27 week check my bub was suddenly 2 weeks behind and this led to several extra scans, CTGs to check her heart...

Saturday 09 July 09:42pm

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic gluten and dairy free

I am sorry, that's really tough! I am lactose intollerant so I substitute milk for soy and butter/marg for nuttlex and that allows me to make a lot of stuff. The gluten is beyond me, sorry. Have...

Friday 01 July 04:41am


I'm a skeptic on the teething thing. I know some bubs have problems with teeth but I say if you can't see the tooth, that's not the problem. White lumps on the gums are probably calcium pearls (us...

Friday 24 June 05:03am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic When did you first feel Braxton Hicks?

I had stacks of braxton hicks. It took me ages to work out what I was feeling but they started around 16 weeks and I had them regularly. Towards the end they were damn near constant!! Never painf...

Sunday 19 June 06:24am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Passing the Placenta?

Also not sure what you are after but if you are interested in the placenta, go to Youtube and do a search for 'The placenta Lady'. It's a fascinating watch. After your delivery, ask the midwife (o...

Wednesday 15 June 06:38am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic My poor bladder!

Also with all that our bodies go through during pregnancy it is worth seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist. They can teach you how to pee (and poop) properly during pregnany so you empty the whol...

Thursday 09 June 09:25pm

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic dyslexia

I would be super cautious here. It is notoriously difficult to accurately diagnose dyslexia at such a young age. Children reverse, misread and misrepresent letters and numbers just as part of the...

Tuesday 07 June 05:00am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic How old before kids can take themselves to school

The official recommendation is that children need to hold an adults hand to cross the road until they are 10 years old. I think that is a pretty good age. Depends of course on distance, highways,...

Tuesday 07 June 04:53am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic flat head question

My DD had a flat head too. Her paediatrician suggested I get her the 'Baby Love Nest' pillow which was just great and did the trick nicely (cost $39.95 from local baby shop). The info that comes ...

Saturday 04 June 05:27am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic first time mum-to-be and single mum, a little sad :(

Hi I am a single mum and knew I would be before my DD was born. She is now 6 months and just devine. Have you got a support network? I can tell you that it is all going to be fine, you will be gr...

Tuesday 31 May 09:28pm

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Following on from my BFing prob thread..

Obviously all bubs are different but mine got the hang of BFing and now she seems to know exactly what to do. I used to repeat over and over 'wide mouth' and then have to keep reattaching her but ...

Thursday 26 May 07:49pm

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Thawing Breast milk

If you're in a huge rush, you can hold the bag/container under a running tap. That does it pretty quick too. Like the others said, make sure you don't microwave it, it's not good for the milk or bub.

Thursday 26 May 07:44pm

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic 5 month old reacting to food

Hi, this isn't helpful but just to state it, I am allergic to pear. I have a frustose allergy and pear is high fructose.

Monday 23 May 01:01am

Mum_of_JJ replied to topic Overdue

Gosh, I was induced and it never occured to me to refuse. Doc broke my waters and I was put on the drip after a few hours of nothing much and 4 hours later I had a baby. Painful obviously but isn...

Saturday 21 May 12:52am
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