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jacmad started new topic When is it safe to introduce a pillow?

Hi, I have an 18mth old and she still sleeps in a cot. I was just wondering when is it ok to use a pillow? If I do it will be a very slim pillow. Or should I just wait until she is in a bed li...

Thursday 25 November 11:43am

jacmad replied to topic Smelly Nappy Wrapper

Steph, I think I can top your laziness, I'm too lazy to go buy the refils for my nappy bin - that's why I don't use it anymore LOL

Wednesday 24 November 11:11am

jacmad replied to topic Smelly Nappy Wrapper

Just a thought, are you tipping the poo into the toilet? I find if you empty the contents of the nappy into the toilet then the nappy odour is not as offensive.

Tuesday 23 November 10:34am

jacmad started new topic What Activites are good for a 14 month old?

Hi, I'm not sure what activities to do with the baby now that she is almost 14 months old. I went to work full time when my first born was 13 months old and never had to think about this before. ...

Saturday 24 July 09:44am

jacmad replied to topic Is anyone a member of playgroup vic?

Hi, i joined a playgroup a few months ago. i find that it is ok, bubs is still only crawling so she is on a dusty timber church hall floor. So you should consider the venue when you join if your...

Thursday 24 June 10:34am

jacmad replied to topic WORRIED - STOPPED EATING

Hi, i would take her to your doctor to check her throat. the last time my little one was off her food it turned out she had an inflamed throat and we didn't know because she never cried or grizzle...

Wednesday 02 June 05:09am

jacmad replied to topic cleaning teeth

I think the reason you shouldn't use adult toothpaste is because some of them contain sugar. I agree that you should try to hold off as long as possible before using toothpaste and then when you d...

Sunday 02 May 08:43am

jacmad replied to topic feeding baby meat

there's a great recipe on this website called baby beef stew. i've tried it and my little one loves it.

Monday 26 April 12:36pm

jacmad replied to topic Has anyone else experienced painful leg cramps in pregnancy?

hi guys, my doctor advised me to drink half a glass of tonic water before bed every night. it tastes disgusting on its own so you might have to add some cordial. it worked for me.

Sunday 25 April 07:51am

jacmad replied to topic Wont settle for daysleeps....aaargghhh!!

Hi tambam, i had a similar problem to you and couldn't work out why she wouldn't sleep during the day at this age when prior she had day naps with no problem. I then changed my routine a little and...

Saturday 24 April 05:47am

jacmad replied to topic HOW MANY BREASTFEEDS??

Hi Kellie, it does sound like she is weaning herself. At this age 3-4 breastfeeds is normal. Fo now, keep up the morning feed when she wakes up and then the next one could be after her lunch and t...

Monday 19 April 05:37am

jacmad replied to topic HELP baby not pooping

I was always told that if the baby is exclusively b/f and nothing else - not to worry if they don't poop for a while. The health nurse told me the record for a baby not having any poops is one mon...

Sunday 11 April 10:50am

jacmad replied to topic Where does the new baby sleep?

Hi everyone, well my two girls have shared a room since i came home from hospital with the baby. No choice - only 2 bedrooms. My oldest never wakes if the baby wakes up, she always sleeps right ...

Saturday 10 April 03:39pm

jacmad replied to topic Anyone with "I will NEVER do that when I have a child" stories?

What about this one, when the dummy hits the floor - I put it in my mouth to clean it and give it back to the baby. Oh and what about eating the babies left overs or half eaten toast. I never th...

Sunday 04 April 09:51am

jacmad replied to topic How do I prepare my toddler for the new baby?

Hi Michelle, another suggestion is to have visiting relatives to fuss over your daughter first when they arrive and then go to the baby. That way she will not feel left out when visitors are there...

Wednesday 31 March 05:54am

jacmad replied to topic Should I move my daughter to a big bed before or after my next baby is born?

If i could just add that if you do make the move to a big bed, to do it before the new baby arrives. Being a toddler,she will not be able to vocalise her feelings about this and she may see the ba...

Monday 29 March 10:52am

jacmad replied to topic Indoor play centres

I agree, you are not silly. The food is definitely overpriced and 99% junk food. They should not be allowed to stop you bringing food in for babies and toddlers, especially if they have special d...

Sunday 28 March 08:15am

jacmad replied to topic going backwards....

If you are becoming stressed to her wetting, she is probably picking up on this. It might not be such a bad thing to put her back into pullups for a little while, this will take the pressure off b...

Sunday 28 March 07:52am

jacmad replied to topic refuses to drink cows milk

forgot to mention, if your baby is still reacting after trying this, I would definitely insist it be investigated. You can never be too careful with our babies, after all they can't tell us if som...

Sunday 28 March 07:47am

jacmad replied to topic refuses to drink cows milk

If she is not lactose intolerant, the other thing you can try is to dilute the cows milk 50/50 with cooled boiled water and she how she deals with that. Then gradually reduce the amount of water ...

Sunday 28 March 07:44am
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