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LiAlexSa replied to topic Informal Playgroup

Hi Jacqui, My name is Lisa, I live at Crestmead. I would love to have a playgroup and the local indoor centre sounds great. My son is 15mths will be 16mths 8 of dec. How old are your kids??? Where...

Thursday 04 December 05:21pm

LiAlexSa replied to topic Mother of 4 and expecting my 5th

Hi First of all just wanted to say I won't be complaining about raising a child (1) when i see women like you expecting your fifth. Good on you. A good way I found was to give teething rusks as mu...

Thursday 04 December 05:13pm

LiAlexSa replied to topic Crestmead Mum 15mths/Playgroup?

Hi Johanne, I live at Crestmead, Where abouts do you live?? How was Ethan's first birthday??? Exciting . I'd love to start a Mothers group not only for the kids socialising skills but mine too!!!...

Thursday 04 December 04:56pm

LiAlexSa replied to topic A young mum

Hi Jodie, I will be 21 on 6 april and I have a 15mth old son. Where abouts in QLD do you live? Tell me all about your boy???? I love to talk babies my fiance and I are trying for number 2. Wait f...

Monday 01 December 03:07pm

LiAlexSa started new topic Crestmead Mum 15mths/Playgroup?

Hi anyone wanting to be part of a playgroup around my area, Email me. I am hoping to start something where each time we go to someone's house???? My son is 15 mths.

Monday 01 December 02:59pm

LiAlexSa replied to topic love to chat

Hi Johanne, Today is the big day. Hope you have a fantatsic day with your son. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY> My son is 15 mths 8-8-02. If you ever want to chat [email protected] All the best. Li...

Monday 01 December 02:53pm

LiAlexSa replied to topic General Toddler Development.

Hi Trudie, Just wanted to say that I think any woman/man raising a child/ren as a single parent is a fantastic role model. Personally I think if your ex is not prepared to be sharing responsibilit...

Monday 01 December 02:40pm
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