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**baking#4** replied to topic What on earth do you gals/ guys do for

Have you tried a vitamin B supplement, I found it helped with energy and moods

Thursday 03 November 02:57am

**baking#4** replied to topic If don't like food being wasted

Thats sucks But similar to what the others said.... where DH was driving his truck a month or so ago there was a spud farm, that had a couple of old freezers on the back of a tractor, they sold t...

Wednesday 02 November 07:34pm

**baking#4** replied to topic Has anyone heard from Jess aka *knockedup*?

I am still here 2 weeks to go, so hopefully not too much longer, thanks for thinking of me

Tuesday 18 October 06:25pm

**baking#4** replied to topic How many speeding fines have you had???

We are both on full licences... both had one speeding fine each, mine was heading into a 100km zone and I sped up a little early... got done for 7kms over... and DH was driving through somewhere th...

Friday 16 September 01:29am

**baking#4** started new topic Feeling anxious, still feel like something will go wrong...

I am 33 wks pregnant, this is my 4th successful pregnancy, my 6 th pregnancy all up and my 7th baby, I also lost a little boy in january of last year, he was 5 1/2 years old.... I have not been ab...

Tuesday 13 September 05:53pm

**baking#4** replied to topic Male or female dog?

We have 2 males, one is desexed the other isn't, both are great with the kids, and we are more than happy with them, they don't pee on everything, and the un neautured one has only ever humped legs...

Monday 12 September 10:14pm

**baking#4** replied to topic Washing Powder for Newborn

Always just a tiny bit of regular powder here too

Monday 12 September 10:10pm

**baking#4** replied to topic mmm dont know anymore!

Good luck

Saturday 03 September 06:11pm

**baking#4** replied to topic would u seriously be upset over this ?

I think she has over reacted a little here.... and if the erasers were that important she should have taken ONE!!! My kids are already taught they are to take NOTHING to kinder / daycare thats too ...

Saturday 03 September 06:10pm

**baking#4** replied to topic mmm dont know anymore!

Never tell them you are ovulating!!! DH always said it put him off a bit, like we were trying to hard... so I wouldn;t say anything, just go to bed naked and make the moves!!!

Saturday 03 September 03:08am

**baking#4** replied to topic anniversary gifts

No would not upset me at all, we have been married for 8 years at the start of next month and have never once bought so much as a card for each other, usually a phone call in the morning, and I coo...

Saturday 03 September 03:06am

**baking#4** replied to topic Really sick & cant eat....

I am 30 wks and had pneumonia 2 weeks ago, same as you I didn't eat for about 3 days, I was told it was fine and to keep up with fluids, I drank gaterade / powerade sports drinks and gastrolyte... ...

Friday 26 August 01:28am

**baking#4** replied to topic I thought my washing routine was ok

What i cant believe is that you looked enough at her clothes line to notice how she does her washing! hmmmm <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>...

Friday 26 August 01:23am

**baking#4** replied to topic top vs front

I just got my first ever brand new washing machine and it was a front loader. I am in love with it. White clothes that had gone that off white colour are now bright white and other clothes that ha...

Wednesday 24 August 09:41pm

**baking#4** replied to topic top vs front

ETA: my question is, if they're (front loaders) so much more "efficient" and the cannot take as much as a top loader, then it kind of defeats the purpose of them being more 'efficient' doesn't it...

Wednesday 24 August 06:26pm

**baking#4** replied to topic top vs front

I have just gone from a top loader which I LOVED to the same brand front loader, I was really dubious and didn't want a front loader at all..... I LOVE IT!!!!! With mine, I have a normal cycle whi...

Wednesday 24 August 06:24pm

**baking#4** replied to topic Breastfeeding in public...

I don't cover up with a blanket or anything, but i don't flop them out either, I generally wear wither a BF singlet and a top over top or a boob tube with an outer top, so I can lift one up and pul...

Monday 22 August 11:57pm

**baking#4** replied to topic Evie :)

I liked Evie Faith this time around, but hubby wasn;t as keen, I love Evie as a first name

Sunday 14 August 12:05am

**baking#4** replied to topic Darcy - What do you think?

Love it, is on our list for this one too Well Darcy is anyway!!! LOL We like Darcy Jack if we were to use it, but I think Darcy Flynn flows really nicely

Sunday 14 August 12:01am

**baking#4** replied to topic electricity bills

Ours have been around the $100 a month mark, we have wood heating and I have been strict with switching things off... but the biggest change I think was moving the dryer up to the shed, I ONLY use ...

Wednesday 10 August 02:22am
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