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Yerbury replied to topic Has anyone achived VBAC?

Hi Amy03 I had my first baby - Taylah 3 yrs ago after 27hrs of labor and 2 hrs of trying to push her out, they decided on an emerg c-section. She was only 5lb 15oz so my obst thought I'd probably...

Sunday 31 October 08:01pm

Yerbury replied to topic Won't Sleep - Please Help!!

REFLUX, if your baby is crying with a real high pitch "hurt cry", you should consider trying mylanta (red cap) with him. My son Aidan was the same, he screamed all day and the only way he would sl...

Sunday 31 October 07:39pm

Yerbury replied to topic Unsure : could it be colic or constipation

I had a similar experience with my first son - second baby. He was great the first week in hospital and the first week or two at home but then he just wouldn't settle or sleep at all during the da...

Sunday 31 October 07:25pm
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