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sskye replied to topic WDYT of Bethany?

Great name.

Sunday 09 December 07:53pm

sskye replied to topic HCG Levels at week 4

Hey aly, I hope it all goes well for you. Mine was 150 at 4 wks - however I've read normal is from 19 - 426 at 4 wks.

Wednesday 11 January 04:21am

sskye started new topic Straining?!

My dd is 6 1/2 months and is starting to have a go at pushing up on her legs as we as arms. When she is attempting this she sometimes strains so much I find a poo in her nappy straight after. Doe...

Tuesday 10 January 06:51pm

sskye started new topic Is she teething?

We are staying at my parents house at the moment and I've noticed that DS is super clingy ...I can bearly leave her on the floor for 2minutes herself. She is super cranky, making cranky noises (wh...

Saturday 03 December 03:01am

sskye replied to topic Girls name to go with Seth

Zoe and skylar!

Saturday 19 November 09:05am

sskye started new topic What's in a number

Okay so I have been a little confused about how we calculate bubs age. My baby is 22wks which based on lots of 4 wks is 5 1/2 months but I have been told that you don't count months in lots of for...

Friday 18 November 09:37am

sskye started new topic Clap clap clap

When speaking with a midwife recently she Mentioned that my baby should be clapping shortly!!! My ds is 5months and doesn't seem like she has any interest in clapping. Just curious when other hub...

Friday 18 November 09:28am

sskye started new topic Weight!!!

My bubs weight has only increased by 80gs a week in the last three weeks (on average) and I am so WORRIED! Prior to this she had always put on approx 200gs a week. I had a gut feeling that she wa...

Saturday 22 October 06:18pm

sskye replied to topic help! did my waters break?

Sounds like it a GO! Same thing happend to me...but I went to wee and then I just couldn't stop hehehe. I called the hospital and went in after I had a shower and something to eat. I was leaking...

Saturday 15 October 11:50pm

sskye started new topic Isn't it amazing

Isn't it amazing how your bub goes to bed then when they wake up they look a little different!?! My bub is sleeping at the moment and I know (excitedly and sadly too) that she is having another gro...

Saturday 15 October 08:15pm

sskye replied to topic opinions on names

Maeve - awesome name..I haven't heard of it before! I think I might steal it for my next girl lol!

Saturday 15 October 07:17pm

sskye started new topic How do you feel about....

WALKERS? AND JOLLY JUMPERS? Do you have one, would you have one? do you like them, do you think they are pointless and dangerous? There is so much mixed feedback out there (like most things I've...

Saturday 15 October 10:37am

sskye replied to topic Baby sleeping in the evening

My bub is 17wks and she goes to bed for her big sleep (10hrs) at 7ish. I put her down for her last nap at 4:30 and she usually sleeps til about 5ish! Obviously some days are throw out a little if ...

Saturday 15 October 10:21am

sskye started new topic Poop

My bub is BF'd and hasn't had a real poo in five days, today. On the third day she did have a little skiddy but nothing substantial. She is just 4months and I think she is teething at the moment....

Sunday 09 October 08:38am

sskye replied to topic 'The Bottle'

I think you will find Honey is a big no no. Not only is it bad for there teeth but it should not be introduced until your child is at least one year old as it contains bacteria's that can be harmf...

Saturday 08 October 08:18am

sskye replied to topic 'The Bottle'

I wouldn't put honey on it to encourage her, i've heard of kids having all their teeth rotten before they even come up when this has been done. Similar to dipping the dummy in honey. DD was the s...

Saturday 08 October 08:16am

sskye started new topic 'The Bottle'

My bub is BF'd and we haven't introduced the bottle yet. I have been trying for the last week and have successfully gotten her to atleast put it in her mouth without crying. But bub will only che...

Saturday 08 October 08:03am

sskye replied to topic Diet shake & Breastfeeding

Heya, I know how you feel! I have 10kgs to shift and its not going anywhere so far and I have been soooooooooooooooo good for over 2months. But just recently I tried adjusting (reducing) my porti...

Friday 30 September 07:25pm

sskye replied to topic Cry-it-out...

Hope your bub got to sleep eventually? and that someone with experience with 'self settling' responds to your post

Friday 30 September 09:41am

sskye replied to topic Looking for a friend in St Marys area with kids similar in age as mine

Hey Tracey, I am in ST Clair and my bub was born in June 2011. I am also interested in meeting local mums and for my bub to meet friends that she can grow up with. (fyi ...i am 26). Also their i...

Friday 30 September 09:38am
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