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Employer wants me to stop work

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any advice/ knowledge on what payments and help I could...

6 replies

Thanks everyone for your replies. Have spoke to centrelink and because our youngest child is under 6 yr old we can get parental leav...


Labour Playlist

Ladies, I'm trying to create a labour playlist, might sound stupid. Did anyone else so thi...

1 reply

Great idea! Would love to hear from other mums to be who are compiling birth playlists. Have you seen this?


Unsettled baby

Hey guys so I'm a first time mum and unsure on what to do my son is 4 months old and had his...

4 replies

Hope bub is okay today. When bub would reach a temp like 37 ish, I'd sometimes put a cool cloth for a few minutes just to cool ...


Help with training for 'number 2'

Hi, I have twin girls who will be Four in January (2017). While we have been able to potty train...

2 replies

Hey there, I'm toilet training my nearly 3 yr old DD and have similar issues as you. She has often taken herself to the toilet ...

FTM-advice needed

Brooklyn for a boy?

Hi Husband and I love the name Brooklyn for a boy - too out there? Thoughts? Worried as it'...

1 reply

I love that name for a boy. It's a unisex name so I think it's fine to use that name for a male.

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