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Labour Playlist

Ladies, I'm trying to create a labour playlist, might sound stupid. Did anyone else so thi...

1 reply

Great idea! Would love to hear from other mums to be who are compiling birth playlists. Have you seen this?


Help with training for 'number 2'

Hi, I have twin girls who will be Four in January (2017). While we have been able to potty train...

2 replies

Hey there, I'm toilet training my nearly 3 yr old DD and have similar issues as you. She has often taken herself to the toilet ...

FTM-advice needed

Brooklyn for a boy?

Hi Husband and I love the name Brooklyn for a boy - too out there? Thoughts? Worried as it'...

1 reply

I love that name for a boy. It's a unisex name so I think it's fine to use that name for a male.



Today I really felt like going out and looking at the shops. So, even though baby hadn't sle...

2 replies

Nah certainly don't feel guilty. I can understand why you would though. What I found helped me was doing my best to make sure...


11 week old baby not poohing

Hi, my 11 week old baby use to pooh nearly every nappy change but now does a pooh every 5-10 days...

3 replies

Diluted pear juice is much more gentle on a baby's stomach than prune juice. My DD would also only go every 2-3 days from 5 wee...

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