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TTC September 2016

Welcome ladies. Getting a jump on September as August is already out for me. TWB Ahalfdozen, T...

34 replies

Flyingduster wrote: Welcome feeling hopefull! I'm hoping I'm ovulating now too, as I've had twinges down at my right ...


IVF - how do you know whether to give up or give it one more try?

Once you've gone through a couple of IVF attempts, you have invested yourself both emotional...

1 reply

My husband & I took us 4 years before we became parents to our little miracle man. We did our first cycle of IVF in October 2013...


Anyone else had a surprise after an ultrasound?

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant today. We are super excited after trying for 10 months we are fin...

2 replies

Hi, I had a cyst too, I had pains before getting pregnant, I'm 27 weeks now, its all gone!! Good luck and congrats


Bleeding at 6w1d

Hi all, ive already had an mc earlier this year. Im now 6w1d (from period dates), and the preganc...

1 reply

Its possible that its neither of those options. I had small smears of red blood a number of times between weeks 5-7 when I went to t...


Am I pregnant? (Not trying)

I got my period on the 5th of July, and on that date I started the pill (the white ones/sugar pil...

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