PLUS enter to win the "Get Healthy Super Prize"

If you join the Huggies member exclusive 12 week health and fitness program, you can also enter to win our fabulous "Get Healthy Super Prize".

The cost of the 12 Week Body Transformation will be paid for one Huggies member! The "Get Healthy Super Prize" winner will also become a feature Huggies Blogger and win a prize pack valued at RRP $$398.96 and includes, A George Forman health grill, Losing the last 5 kilos, Crunchtime and The Crunchtime Cookbook

"Get Healthy Super Prize" Draw Date

How to enter

  1. Sign in as a member, or join the Huggies Baby Club and confirm your membership details.
  2. Register for the Huggies member exclusive, 12 Week Body Transformation on the 12 Week Body Transformation website
  3. Introduce yourself to your fellow Huggies Club team mates in the 12 Week Body Transformation website Forum and share in 150 words or less:

How do you think your life would change if your health and fitness improved dramatically?