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Huggies® Hugs for Healing

Huggies® Hugs for Healing is an initiative to deliver support and care to Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia by raising awareness and much needed funding for high priority equipment.

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Did you know that hugs have a proven healing effect?

Research proves that giving a hug is more than a comforting gesture for sick babies and toddlers – hugs also have a healing effect!

At Huggies®, we have long understood the caring and healing benefits of hugging, which is why through our Hugs for Healing initiative with Children’s Hospitals, we will be passing on the power of a healing hug by matching your donations to them up to a total of $100,000.

How do hugs help healing?

The Huggies® Hugs for Healing initiative has been inspired through medical research which shows that hugs have a healing effect. Hugging has been proven to release serotonin and dopamine - the hormones that make babies and children feel good and improve their wellbeing. On top of this, hugs increase the levels of oxytocin, a trigger for bonding and caring responses that make sick children feel calm and less anxious.

At Huggies®, we have long understood the caring and healing benefits of hugging, which is why through our Hugs for Healing initiative with Children’s Hospitals we will be passing on the power of a healing hug by matching your donations to them up to a total of $100,000. Learn about what Huggies® donations will fund, what your donation could help to fund and stories of donations helping to heal.

Learn more about Children’s Hospitals here and the great work they do through the five children’s hospitals which care for over 80% of all sick babies and toddlers in Australia.

What could your donation help to buy?

Children’s Hospitals and their partner foundations receive very little funding from the Government in the areas that really make a difference in sick children’s lives. As a result, they rely on the generosity of the community to fund critical areas of need that otherwise would not exist within our children’s hospitals. Funds raised through your donations will help to provide further essential support and care to help heal sick bubs & toddlers. For example:

$5 could buy 250ml of bubbles for Play Therapists to use to distract babies and young children waiting in Emergency.

$10 could buy a Craft Activity Pack used to entertain and distract young children while waiting in Emergency.

$20 could be used to purchase Toddler Crutches – used for toddlers or young children who require assistance with walking due to surgery, broken bones or rehabilitation.

$50 could fund a “Buzzy”, a small device that looks like a toy bee which utilises vibration and cold sensations to reduce pain sensations associated with needle procedures.

$100 could fund the cost of a Parent Care Package for the parents of children in Intensive Care (ICU) who have little or no time to pack a bag with essentials before they arrive at the hospital.

$200 could fund a Oxygen Flow Meter used to deliver oxygen in the correct amounts to new born babies or young patients.

$250 could purchase a Suture Set, a fine set of instruments used by doctors and nurses, which allows a variety of stitches to be done on small children.

$300 could buy an Activity Play Panel to help distract children who are waiting to undergo medical procedures.

$500 could fund the purchase of Toys and Equipment for the Play Therapy departments, who not only brighten the lives of sick children but significantly reduce the negative effects of hospitalisation for the child and family.

$1,000 could fund Nurse Training and Education, a high priority for our hospitals to maintain the training and education of nurses which will enable the life saving work our nurses perform.

$1,800 could fund a fellow in their final year of paediatric training for one week to treat patients and conduct vital medical research.

$3,500 could cover the cost of Care for one child in ICU for one day. This support is critical in ensuring the ICU can continue to provide the best care for a child with basic or complex conditions as well as provide specialised equipment needed for one-to-one care.

What will Huggies® donation help to fund?

The donation from the Huggies® Brand will help to fund high priority pieces of medical equipment specifically targeted at sick babies and toddlers, which will be used in all areas of the hospital. This equipment will include:

  • A BabyTherm Infant Warming system for Children’s Hospital Foundation in QLD. This unit helps to keep the temperature of seriously ill babies.
  • A Giraffe Warmer for Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in WA. This is used to create a more direct and efficient heat source for temperature control of sick and small neonates, rather than through the use of an incubator and is used for 75% of all sick or small babies admitted into the neonatal intensive care unit.
  • A GlideScope Video Laryngoscope for the Newborn ICU of the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation in VIC. This device is used for intubation, a life saving procedure which can be a complicated task in small children and infants.
  • 6 Masimo Radical 7 Oximeters for Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation in NSW. These systems are used in the short stay ward, and allow for blood constituents to be continuously monitored in a non-invasive way.
  • Neonatal Hearing Screening Units for the Women and Children’s Hospital Foundation in SA, an important piece of equipment that screens auditory neuropathy.
Real stories of donations helping to heal sick babies

Read about how Huggies® donations in 2013 has helped to heal sick babies and toddlers in our children’s hospitals around the country.

Carter’s Story

Thanks to the great work of Sydney Children’s Hospital and critical equipment donated through the Huggies® Hugs for Healing initiative, Carter is a happy, cheeky bub who is passing all his developmental checks with flying colours.

Three and a half month old Carter is a gorgeous little boy who rarely cries, until one day he started to whimper, which quickly turned into a high pitched scream. When his parents couldn’t soothe him, they rushed him to their local Emergency Department. Carter was diagnosed with Group B Streptococcus, a blood-borne infection which can be extremely serious for babies and infants. Read more

Nathaniel’s Story

Thanks to the great work of Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the specialised care and equipment, including an open bassinet donated through the Huggies® Hugs for Healing initiative, Nathaniel is a happy, cheeky bub.

Nathaniel was born prematurely at 29 weeks weighing just 1.24kgs and needed highly specialised care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit including treatment for reflux, jaundice and a blood transfusion. The oxygen levels in his blood and heart rate fluctuated hourly and he need ongoing help to breathe including oxygen throughout his hospital stay, which according to his mum Cara, left her and Nate’s dad on the ‘edge of their seat’ every day. Read more

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You can also send a hug to the hospital of your choice to let them know you’ve donated through the Hugs for Healing initiative.

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Want to discover other ways you can support the Huggies® Hugs for Healing initiative?

Donate Books or Toys

Each Children’s Hospitals partner hospitals warmly accept donations of toys and books from the community year-round.

It’s all too easy for homes to become filled with your child’s toys – they get so many presents for birthdays and Christmas that you may find they have two, or even three of a particular toy. If you have toys that your children no longer need and have never used before, you can donate them to one of the Children’s Hospitals, and in doing so will help to brighten the life of a sick child.

Please note: Donated toys need to be in good condition to ensure that they are safe for the little ones who will be playing with them. If the toy is new, then please include the original packaging. For hygiene and infection control reasons, the best toys are those which are made of plastic or wood.

If you wish to make a donation, please contact your nearest Children’s Hospitals Foundations Australia partner hospital:

NSW: (02) 9382 1111
VIC: (03) 9345 5522
QLD: (07) 3636 3777
SA: (08) 8161 7000
WA: (08) 9340 8222

Volunteer at your nearest children’s hospital

Each Children’s Hospitals partner hospital always look for dedicated and passionate individuals and groups to assist the hospital staff and patient families.

Volunteering occurs year around within the hospitals and can include: cleaning toys, putting play packs together, giving relief time to mum’s and dad’s, playing, reading and nursing children.

Contact your nearest partner hospital directly to nominate times and days when you would like to volunteer.

Share your story

If you have a story you'd like to share, we would love to hear it. Simply click on the button below to complete the online form.

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