'I Am Special' Book

Duration: any

Age: baby, toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Making memories


Watch scribbles and scratches slowly evolve into masterpieces in this easy-to-make book.

We watch our children grow and change on the outside and capture that with photo after photo. Another growing area that is often not documented is the artistic side. Creating a homemade book is fun for your child, and will be a treasured keepsake.

What You’ll Need:

Construction paper
Crayons, markers, finger paints
New photo of child each month

What To Do:

  • Decide how many pages you want the book to be. You’ll be using one page for each month, so a good number is 12 pages so you can start a new book when Baby turns a year older. Be sure to add one extra page for a front and back cover, for a total of 13 pages.
  • Staple on the long edge of the paper to create a book. Write your child’s name and “I Am Special” on the cover, and allow him to decorate the cover himself by drawing a self-portrait. Alternatively, you could add a birthday picture on the front.
  • Each month, give your child crayons, markers and/or finger paints, and let him create a page in the album. He can choose whatever he wants to draw, or you could have him do a self-portrait each month.
  • When he’s done, glue a small photo of your child somewhere on the page. Also be sure to write his age. As the months pass, you’ll be amazed how his scribbles and markings slowing begin to change. When the book is complete, you can flip through and not only see how he’s turned into a budding artist, but see how he has grown and changed over the year. On his birthday, grab some more construction paper and begin again!

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