Scrapbook Shower

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun, Making memories, Mind builder, Parties and Celebrations


A scrapbook shower is a great way to kick off your parenting adventure.

Skip the traditional baby gifts and shower games. Instead, combine a favorite hobby with the celebration of Baby’s anticipated arrival: a scrapbook shower!

Scrapbook showers are a great way to start Baby’s first scrapbook. The general idea is to have each guest decorate one or two pages of the album. When the baby arrives and the photos are developed, the only step for Busy Mum is gluing the pictures to the page.

Scrapbook showers have many of the same elements of other showers: food, decorations, invitations. Additional items you’ll need include the baby album, supplies needed to decorate the pages and the consultant’s fee, if applicable.

Since the scrapbook will be presented at the end of the shower, attendees usually contribute money in lieu of a gift. The funds help cover the costs of the scrapbook, pages and supplies (approximately $10 to $15 per guest).

Here are five steps to a great scrap-booking shower:

  • Create a guest list. Knowing how many people are coming will help determine the number of pages to be decorated. A good approximation is two pages per guest.

  • Select page layouts. For samples of page layouts, look through scrapbook magazines, such as Memory Makers and Creating Keepsakes, or Idea Books by Creative Memories. Visiting local scrapbook stores also can inspire page ideas. Holiday themes are always a good choice, as well as big events, such as bringing Baby home or Baby’s first haircut.
  • Purchase supplies. Go to your local scrapbook store to purchase the items needed for the selected pages. To cut down on costs, ask your scrap-booking friends if you can borrow scissors, templates, markers and circle-cutters. Also, have plenty of glue sticks or photo splits (adhesive) available for guests to attach die cuts and paper borders.
  • Send invitations. The invitation should explain that guests will be creating a scrapbook to give as a gift for the new baby. If you are using a consultant, she may have preprinted invitations that can be completed and mailed.
  • Organise pages. To help the shower run smoothly, separate each page layout into a bag that includes the following items: album page, stickers/die cuts needed for the layout, photo splits, photocopy of the page layout and list of anything else needed for the page, such as markers, circle cutter, etc.