Budding Boxer

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder


Give your little champ’s arms and legs a workout with a simple strengthening technique that’s just right for infants.

The gripping and punching actions of these fun exercises will help to stimulate your baby’s fine and gross motor skills. Here’s how to get your little one in fighting shape:

For Arms

Encourage your child to grip your thumbs with her hands. Once she has a good hold, slowly and smoothly bend and straighten her arms. As your child “punches,” put sound to the action by saying phrases to her such as: “Good jab!” “Punch!” “Bam!” “Pop!” The noises will excite your baby, which will make you giggle. And that will egg you both on!

For Legs

Curl your child’s toes around your thumbs, then gently hold onto her feet with your fingers. Slowly and smoothly bicycle her legs in the air as if she were kick-boxing. As with her arms, you can put sounds to these action by saying phrases to her such as “Boom!” or “Bam!” each time she kicks.