Plane Play

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder


Airplane activities to tone baby’s abdominal muscles.

Build baby’s upper body strength with three aeroplane-style exercises:

  1. Lay your baby face-down with her head and upper body extended over an infant support pillow or a rolled towel. Repeat the exercise a few times, allowing her to remain in the position only as long as she appears comfortable.
  2. Lay your baby face-down, with the soles of his feet pressing up against the crook of your arms. (Your baby is perpendicular, as if carrying a pile of freshly folded towels.) Gently move your arms up and down in a slow figure-eight. Bonus: This exercise is great for relieving baby burp too!
  3. Lay down on your back and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Lean your baby face-down against your shins with her head pointed towards your knees. Gently take hold onto her torso as you slowly raise your feet off of the floor.