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Super-Strong Tot Tummies

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder


Three fun ways to get your baby in shape for sitting.

Use these entertaining exercises to give your baby the core strength and balance that she needs to stay sitting without your assistance.

Cute Crunches

  • Place your child on her back and sit facing her, closer to her feet. Encourage your child to grasp hold of a rod, ruler, or wooden spoon handle.
  • Fold your own hands over your babies and gently pull on the rod to lift her up slightly. Repeat a maximum of four times only.
  • Remember: Let your baby set the pace. Never use all of your own strength to lift her head and upper body.

Triumphant Tripods

These exercises are excellent for helping your child to develop balance.

  • Prop your child up into a seated position.
  • Separate her legs slightly and place her hands on the floor between them.
  • Allow her to attempt to hold the position, even for just a few seconds, without your help.

Terrific Tummy-Time

As your child balances on her belly trying to reach for the object, she will be doing great exercises for strengthening her neck and back.

  • Lay your child on her belly.
  • Place toys or brightly-coloured scarves just slightly out of her reach in front of her.
  • Move the object within her reach after several seconds. This will provide her with the gratification she’ll need to continue playing.
  • Move the object just slightly out of her reach again, slightly to the left. Switch to the right side.