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These Hoops Are Made For Walkin'!

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder


A child’s hula hoop becomes the perfect exercise prop for pre-walkers.

If your child is able to support himself in a standing position, with or without your help, he may be ready to take his first steps. Using a hoola hoop will help to keep your child stable as he practices this exciting new skill.

How to Use It

  • Place your baby in a seated position in front of you, facing out.
  • Surround yourself and your baby with the hoola hoop.
  • Help your child hold onto the hoop with both hands.
  • When he has a secure grip, come up on your knees and gently lift the hoola hoop.
  • Raising the hoop will pull your child up into a standing position.
  • Support your child’s grip by covering his hands with yours and slowly inch forward on your knees.

Remember to go at your child’s pace. If you see signs of fatigue (buckled knees), stop and try again at another time.