Peek-a-Boo Box

Duration: any

Age: baby, toddler, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder, Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun, Mind builder


An empty tissue box and a scarf are all it takes to entertain your baby.

This version of peek-a-boo will never cease to delight your little one.

  • Cut a small hole in the bottom of an empty tissue box.
  • Stuff a brightly colored scarf inside.
  • Show your child half of the scarf through the top of the box. Then quickly pull it back inside from the bottom side.
  • Ask your child, “Where is the scarf?” Pull the scarf halfway out from the top of the box again and say, “Peek-a-boo!” or “There it is!” Then pull the scarf back inside again.

Bonus Fun: Try stuffing several scarves inside the box and let your child pull them out one by one.