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Arty Highchair Hijinks

Duration: any

Age: baby, toddler, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle Builder, Hand/eye coordination, Mind Builder


Your budding Picasso will have a ball tasting and finger-painting with purees of fruits and vegetables.

Break eating etiquette by letting your child get messy with food. Allowing your child to explore food in this manner will not only provide her with tactile stimulation, but actually enhance her enjoyment of eating.

Plus, baby may begin to develop preferences to specific solid foods, so giving her a fun way to explore new foods may encourage her to enjoy them.

Priming the Canvas

  • Strap a bib on your child and put her in her high chair.
  • On a clean high chair tray, spoon a few different kinds of baby food, telling baby the name of each one as you present it.
  • Let your child touch, smear, and taste the foods to her heart’s delight!

Consider keeping a camera handy to capture her “masterpieces!”