Veggie Visage

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun, Mind builder


Get your picky eater to enjoy vegetables by preparing a salad in the shape of a silly face.

Experts say that children are more likely to eat a meal if they’ve helped to make it. Test this theory with a veggie-rich dish that is as much fun to prepare as it is to eat.

What You’ll Need

  • Cottage cheese
  • Grape tomatoes, washed
  • Butterhead (or similar) lettuce, washed
  • Baby carrots, blanched
  • Corn, cooked
  • Green beans, cooked
  • Spiral or spaghetti pasta, cooked
  • Courgettes or squash, sliced and cooked
  • 1 mini bagel, sliced

Makin’ Faces

  • Cut a lettuce leaf in the shape of a large oval and lay it on a plate.
  • Scoop two small spoonfuls of cottage cheese onto the lettuce where the eyes would be.
  • Have your child help you place two tomatoes over the mounds of cottage cheese.
  • Allow your child to choose the shape of the nose and lay it in place (i.e., long and thin like a baby carrot, or round like a slice of squash).
  • Use the green beans to create an upturned mouth.
  • Have your child line up the corn like a row of teeth underneath the string bean mouth.
  • Use the pasta as the hair to create any style that your child wishes (i.e., curly like the spiral pasta or long and straight like the spaghetti).
  • Use the bagel slices as glasses, optional.

Whether your child eats every feature on the face or barely two, be sure to praise her efforts. Remember, good eating habits take time to develop, but can last a lifetime!