Funky Bird Feeder

Duration: medium

Age: child, parent

Skill for Bub:


“My 7 year old daughter wanted to make a craft out of something recycled. We chose to make a bird feeder out of an old icecream container.”

Funky Bird Feeder

Put the lid aside, and work on the base first.

1. Cut down two diagonally oposite sides to the bottom corners.
2. Cut the square bottom off the container. This leaves you with two ‘roof’ parts and a square.
3. Cut a pattern out of the lid (we drew a fat bird, then cut it out)
4. Put the lid onto one of the roof parts, and hold the other roof part opposite, so it lines up. Mark where you want the holes to be.
5. Punch holes (we used a hammer and a punch)
6. Use twine and a wool sewing needle (large and blunt) to sew together. We also had two extra holes near the top for hanging, and four holes around the bird cut out to attatch the food to.
7. Hang in a tree and bon appetit birdie!!

Craft idea submitted by Huggies Baby club member L. Gravatt, Hamilton.