Make A Kite

Duration: any

Age: child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Outdoor, Muscle builder


Encourage your kids to get off the couch and have a good run around with their new homemade kite.

made this with my niece who spent hours with it on the beach.
– Kylie, Tauranga. 


  • Plastic shopping bag
  • staples
  • ribbons, scarves or strips of material
  • a long piece of string


  • Start by decorating the shopping bag. We drew a face on ours with a permanent texta.
  • Staple the strips of material or ribbons to the bottom of the shopping bag.
  • Tie one long piece of string to the open end of the shopping bag; tying it through the handle works well.
  • Take your new kite to a windy park or to the beach. It won’t take long for the wind to catch the bag and the kite flies on it’s own!