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Conversational Coos

Duration: any

Age: baby

Skill for Bub: Mind builder


To a parent, there may not be a more memorable sound than her baby babbling. Here’s a fun activity that makes the most of those first conversations and encourages early language development.

Your baby may begin to coo at this age, and to a parent, there may not be a more remarkable sound than their baby babbling. Babies make noises purposefully by repeating and modifying the sounds they hear, and you can be an active participant by making it into a conversation. Here’s how:

  • Let Baby complete what he’s saying and then respond to him. Through this process you will be giving him an introduction into the art of active listening and communication. This is a key opportunity for Baby to learn and for his mind to grow.
  • Tune into him as he speaks, look into his eyes and respond to him when he has finished.
  • Exaggerate your facial expressions and vary your vocal pitch.
Then, get ready for a lifetime of language!