Dance Party

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Parties and Celebrations


Shaking that body is good for the soul!

Just because you like country music doesn’t mean your child won’t like classic rock. Expose your little one to all sorts of music so he can become a true music and dance lover. One way to do this is to host a dance party. It’s not as elaborate as it sounds.

  • Invite as many – or as few – friends as you like.
  • Turn on your radio or break out your CDs.
  • Dance to whatever song is on at the moment and change your dance steps when the music changes. There’s no need to turn the channel when a slow song comes on. Instead, adapt your movements to reflect the speed of the music. You can let loose when the music returns to a fast pace.
  • Find classical music and have your child try ballet steps. Hold one of your child’s hands and have her lean over, extending each leg one at a time. Have her spin in a circle and point her toes gracefully.
  • Find country music and show your child the basics of line dancing. Explain how the rhythm is perfect for clapping hands and stomping feet, and help your child do those things in time to the music.
  • Find some rap or R&B music and show off your funky moves. Explain why the beat is perfect for moving the hips and snapping the fingers. It’s all about being flexible and exploring new things.
  • Try games like Musical Chairs, where each player has to find a seat when the music stops, or Freeze Dance, where dancers must freeze in place when the music stops.
  • Break out the maracas and tambourines for added excitement.
Your child will be giggling in no time flat, and you’ll get in a bonus workout, too!