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Strike Up the Band Toddlers

Duration: any

Age: toddler

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder, Mind builder


Make some noise, let off some steam and laugh like you haven’t in ages! It’s time to see your pots and pans in a whole different light.

Open up those cupboards. Pull out those pots and pans. No, it’s not time to make dinner – it’s time to strike up the band! Kids understand the allure of stainless steel, so grab some friends and flip those pots and pans over!

  • Grab a few spoons and spatulas.
  • Tap out a tune, and encourage your little one to tap along.
  • Sing when you feel like it. The songs don’t have to sound like much of anything, just make noise – soft noise and all out crazy noise.
  • March around the house as if you were marching in a stadium. Grab an umbrella and use it as a baton.
  • Put on your favourite music in the background, and see if you can march and beat your drums to the rhythm.
  • Let your child experience the sheer thrill of taking up space. You’ll enjoy it, too – before you get a headache!