Exploring Intuition

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Mind Builder


Children are intuitive by nature. Explore and encourage intuition with simple, fun activities.

Whether you call it intuition, intuitiveness, an uncanny sense or “just knowing things,” children of every culture, religion and race have it – and have it naturally. All too soon these intuitive children are taught that they must give way to rational thinking instead of their primary intuitive senses.

Encourage your child to examine his intuitive abilities. Even if you don’t find a strong sense of intuition, the following activities require concentration, an important ability that will benefit kids their entire lives.

  • Have your child relax, close her eyes and allow her thoughts to clear. Tell her to picture a family member and think about him and only him. Ask your child how that person’s day has gone. Was it good? Bad? Let her expand on it and see where it goes. Later, ask that person about their day and see how it compares.
  • The next time the phone rings, wait and ask your child who he thinks is calling. Who does she feel is on the other end of the line? Why?
  • Before bedtime, have your child completely relax and clear her mind. Tell your child to let her thoughts wander, to think about whatever comes to mind. Have her describe what she’s “seeing.”
  • Hide one of your child’s favorite toys and then sit her on your lap. Have your child picture the toy in her mind and see if she can “locate it” with her intuition. Once she gives you a location, have fun playing hide and seek!


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