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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Mind Builder


Help Baby make friends with his or her reflection for some fun with a purpose.

Babies love babies! Capitalize on this phenomenon by placing your little one in front of a large mirror. Grab the video camera and capture what happens when Baby meets himself.

  • Does he smile? Does he reach out to touch the mirror?
  • Try placing a hat on Baby’s head. Does he reach out to touch the hat on the mirror, or does he take it off his head?
  • Place a toy at Baby’s side. Does he study it in the mirror? Does he look for it at his side?
  • And what about you? Does Baby acknowledge you in the mirror, or does he turn in the direction of your voice?
  • Talk to your baby about what he’s seeing in the mirror. “That’s you! Say ‘hi,’ Jimmy!”

Mirror play is a great lesson in self-discovery! See Sniff a Whiff and Hear That? and let Baby discover even more.