My Kind of Town

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Mind Builder


While many look to other locations for fun activities, your hometown can house many interesting, fun places your child will love to explore.

Introduce your child to a place she visits every day, but may not know much about: your hometown. By getting out of the house and out into her community, you’re encouraging your child to discover her world.

  • Can your child find your hometown on a map? Pull out a globe or map and point to your country, state and town. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t quite “get it” – complete comprehension is not the most important element of this activity. The idea is for your child to realize she is part of something bigger than her own home.
  • Point out different locations on the map, such as oceans and desserts. What color is the ocean? What lives under water? How big is the dessert compared to where we live? These types of questions generate an interest in the world around us.
  • Does your city have a walking or bus tour? Get the perspective of visitors by jumping aboard the tour and hearing what the guide has to say about your hometown.
  • Pick up postcards or fliers on your route and create a scrapbook showcasing the attractions of your area.
  • Stop in a restaurant or bookstore and ask to talk to the owner or manager about the business: How long has it been there? What types of clients frequent this location? Who is the most famous visitor they’ve served?
  • If you normally drive your kids to places like day care, school or church, consider walking them there one day so they understand the concept of distance and have an opportunity to see the route beyond the view from the car window.

By learning to explore what your hometown has to offer, your kids will develop a better understanding of why you’ve chosen to locate your family there. When you encourage your children to take the hometown tour, to dream up a scavenger hunt or to scour the streets for souvenirs, you awaken their desire for knowledge and discovery.

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