Peek a boo

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Mind builder


Different ways to play this well known kids game.

Babies of all ages love playing peek-a-boo games – and there are lots of different ways to play. You can use a tissue or a small blanket or anything light and breathable that won’t endanger your child.

  • Facing your baby, place your hands or tissue in front of your face, and partially covering your face say, “where’s mummy”
  • Then move your hands and say, “peek-a-boo”.
  • Do this several times before placing a tissue on baby’s head, then put it on and pull it off saying, “peek-a-boo”. Put the tissue on baby’s head and see if she will pull it off herself – keep pulling it off until she learns to do it herself.
  • As the baby gets older she will initiate the game herself by pulling a blanket over her head or crawling under the sheets.