Homemade Drum Kit

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun, Mind Builder, Musical


Give your Tupperware a rest, try using a few recycled materials to make a professional looking drum instead. It’s creative and also helps to develop your child’s musicality, they’ll love it!

Turn an old formula tin into a homemade drum. It’s a great gift idea for other kids
too. - Larissa Taylor, VIC


Empty formula tin, old gift wrapping paper or material, hot glue gun, shoe laces, inner tube of tyer, hole punch.


Step 1: wash and dry formula tin
Step 2: (optional) use a can opener to take other end off tin if you would like a quiet drum
Step 3: pick nice pre-sed gift wrapping paper or material, cut to size
Step 4: use a hot glue gun to cover your formula tin with the gift paper/material
Step 5: you need a car tyer inner tube for the drum skin. They give them away for free at tyer places but you will need to wash them first. Cut out two skins per drum, circle shaped and a bit larger than the top of the tin. You may be able to use a bread plate as a guide to trace the circle. Use a hole punch to makes holes for the laces to go through. The holes need to go all the way around the circles.
Step 6: tie a pair of shoe laces together and thread through holes of skins as shown, from top skin to bottom
Step 7: finish of by making a strap out of over hang of shoe laces