Crafty Cards

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Memory making, Parties and Celebrations


Photographing yourself during pregnancy can result in a creative way to announce your baby’s arrival. Try this fun activity for one-of-a-kind baby announcements.

Pregnancy is a perfect time to start planning the ways in which you’ll announce your baby’s arrival. If you enjoy being creative, all it takes are a few supplies and a bit of your time to make an eye-catching and memorable announcement.

To create the birth announcement, follow these steps:

  • Make multiple copies of your favourite pregnancy photo and newborn photo.

  • Purchase or create simple blank fold-over cards from heavy paper.

  • Affix a pregnancy photo to the outside of the card and place a newborn photo taken after baby’s arrival inside.

  • Add a few lines of your choosing, such as “(Baby’s name) left our womb for his very own room! Mum is happy to say she lost (Baby’s weight), and shrank by (Baby’s length).”

Your announcement can be as individual as your baby is.