Drawing Diva

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Making memories


Expressing yourself through art on the topics of pregnancy, birth and motherhood can be fun and enlightening. Here are some ideas on how to work with different mediums.

You don’t have to be an artist to create a meaningful piece. Like writing, art is about putting your feelings on paper. Start with a plain piece of paper and whatever artistic medium you feel comfortable with. While pencil is an easy choice, explore watercolor if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Other mediums and ways to use them include:

  • Pen and ink in a notebook

  • Acrylic paints on thick paper

  • Charcoal on newsprint

  • Clay on a table

  • Magazines to make a collage

  • A formal scrapbook to create masterpieces

Draw, paint or sculpt a pregnancy self-portrait. Close your eyes and recreate what you see in your mind. Other ideas include:

  • What does Baby look like growing inside of you?
  • What does birth look like to you?
  • What will you look like as a mother?
  • What will your new family look like?

Consider purchasing a sketchpad you can use exclusively for this purpose. The artwork will provide you with a fun memory of what you experienced during pregnancy.