High-Speed Delivery

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Parties and Celebrations


The clock’s ticking down — set up an e-announcement while you’re not too busy right now!

The first few days after baby arrives are, of course, the most hectic. While you’ve still got time to prepare, take an evening with your partner to craft an announcement email, set up a distribution list, and save the email as a draft to be sent later.

Remember to include spots for the following (you’d be surprised what you’ll forget in all the rush):

  • Baby’s full name
  • Mum and Dad’s full names
  • Time and date of delivery
  • Hospital delivered in
  • Baby’s weight and length
  • Mum and Dad’s address, for people who want to send cards
  • Any wishes for visit restrictions (“Our new family is getting to know each other right now, but we’d love for you to call and visit after we’re settled on [date].”)
  • Links to the hospital’s nursery gallery site, if there is one

Then, once the big day arrives, your partner or another family member or friend can simply enter the new information and send the email.

Photo Forwarder:

If you’ll be taking digital photos of your new baby, consider uploading them to an online gallery and including that link with the announcement email. Or, designate one friend as the picture distributor, send him or her the link to your e-gallery, and ask the friend to forward the link to your distribution list using the “reply all” feature from the announcement email. You’ll save time by avoiding the “Can we see pictures yet?” emails.