Pack Your Bag!

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder, Just for fun, Mind builder


A list of must-haves for your labour and delivery luggage.

If you’re caught up in a pre-baby frenzy — thinking of that perfect name, putting the finishing touches on the nursery — it might be easy to forget certain things to take with you to the hospital. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to make your stay as comfortable as possible:

  1. Entertainment while you wait: Keep yourself from going stir crazy during the hours of labor by bringing items to distract you, such as a portable DVD player, a CD player, a deck of cards, and the latest chick-lit novel.
  2. Button-down pajamas: Keep what’s left of your dignity intact by forgoing hospital gowns for a much more modest and comfortable pair of cotton pajamas. Be sure that they are large enough to fit over your belly. (It won’t shrink that quickly once baby is born, sadly!) Button-down tops will also make breastfeeding a whole lot easier.
  3. Bringing-baby-home outfit: Make baby’s entrance into the outside world grand with a special outfit reserved just for the occasion. Since it may be the first time that you are charged with dressing your child, choose clothes that are easy to get a baby in and out of. (Hint: Outfits that snap down the front and along the legs are easier than those that fasten down the back.) Consider the time of year your little one will be born: As adorable as grandma’s knitted sweater may be, if it’s the middle of July, a dressy Onesie®, booties, and a baby cap will do just splendidly.
  4. Toiletries for you: As exhausted and out-of-sorts as you may feel, you’ll be grateful to have your own cleansers, lotions, and toothbrush with you. A dab of lipgloss or mascara during visiting hours may also make you feel a little more human as well.
  5. Toiletries for your tot: As strange as it sounds, bring along a travel-size tube of nappy rash cream in case your newborn’s bottom needs tending. Between all of the feedings, tubes, and tests that the nursery nurses need to stay on top of, nappy rashes are not necessarily considered top priority. Keep an eye out for any signs of bumps and redness. Be sure to alert your nurse before you apply your own ointment.
  6. Snacks and drinks: Unless you want to be eating fruit pieces and water out of those little plastic containers during your visit, bring along a big bottle of water, fresh fruit, bagels, and other good-for-you comfort foods to keep you nourished. They’ll come in especially handy during late-night feedings when you’re feeling particularly parched or starved.