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Parents-To-Be Movie Night

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun


We have a just-for-fun movie guide perfect for pregnant parents.

Pregnancy is a great time to relax with a movie or two. Best yet, you can watch movies dedicated to the fun and foibles of expectant and new parents! Here is a just-for-fun movie guide perfect for viewing during pregnancy.


This is a classic film for parents and non-parents alike. Starring Steve Martin and a wonderful – and large – supporting cast (including Mary Steenburgen, Dianne Wiest, Rick Moranis, Tom Hulce, Keanu Reeves, Martha Plimpton and Joaquin Phoenix), this movie shows the pain and joy of parenting at various stages of life: infancy, childhood, the teenage years – right through adulthood and grandparenthood.

Nine Months

Starring Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore, Nine Months is a comedy about a happily unmarried couple who find themselves pregnant. The father-to-be finds he isn’t ready to grow up enough to be a dad, while the mother-to-be finds she’s more than ready for the changes parenthood will bring. With a little help from Tom Arnold and Joan Cusack, a wacky married couple with kids, the two struggle to reach common ground.

She’s Having a Baby

This comedy/drama was written and directed by John Hughes, famous for several hit films, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You first meet the main characters, played by Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern, just before their wedding, and follow them through the trials of marriage, a new home, a bout with infertility and, eventually, the blessed event. (Warning – it’s not the perfect birth.) Presented from the new father’s perspective, the film has a wryly thoughtful tone and will undoubtedly provide a few “been there, done that” laughs. Other pluses: Alec Baldwin plays a supporting role, and the film boasts a great soundtrack. (Incidentally, Hughes dedicated this film to his wife.)

Father of the Bride, Part 2

Steve Martin reprises his role from Father of the Bride as George Banks – but this time, it’s not a wedding he has to struggle with, it’s his newly married daughter’s pregnancy. And, surprise – his wife (Diane Keaton) manages to unexpectedly get pregnant, too. While they do a fairly good job of presenting pregnancy, the labor and delivery scenes are, as is typical, exaggerated. Because of the dual pregnancies, the hospital scenes are even more over-the-top than usual. If you can forgive the notion of building a new wing on the house to make a nursery, you’ll probably enjoy the gentle humor – and great cast – this film offers.

Three Men and a Baby

Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson star as three bachelor roommates who unexpectedly find themselves fathering a baby girl – the daughter of Danson’s character by a woman (Nancy Travis) with whom he had a brief affair. The fun begins with dirty nappies and tracks the three guys’ attempts at feeding the baby and getting her on a schedule. Their dating and mating rituals are irreparably damaged, but when their lives are changed for the better by the responsibility, a happy ending is sure to come.

Maybe Baby

Joely Richardson stars in this film about a British couple struggling to have a baby. After dabbling in fertility rituals and sticking to a rigorous ovulation schedule, Lucy (Richardson) and Sam (Hugh Laurie) find their relationship tested when Lucy becomes attracted to young actor and Sam begins writing a screenplay about their experiences (behind Lucy’s back). When Sam delves into Lucy’s diary for her insight, he learns more than he needed to know. Maybe Baby also features Emma Thompson and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).