Shower Power

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Parties and Celebrations


Baby shower games are a lot like the first few months of parenting: You try your hardest to come out on top, and sometimes you just have to laugh at your creative attempts. Here are a few fun games to play. Prizes can include things like gift certificates or photo frames.

Shower games should be tailored around the comfort of the mum-to-be. Also, consider the guest list. It might be easier to choose games after considering the types of personalities that will be there. If her conservative boss will be there, perhaps you shouldn’t match each naked baby picture to each guest. Here are a few fun games to try:

Tray Game

Find about 15 to 25 small items that all relate to babyhood. Examples include: a baby thermometer, rattle, teething ring, socks, jar of baby food, etc. Arrange these items on a large tray. Let everyone view the objects on the tray for one minute, then take the tray away. The person who can list the most objects from memory wins.

Baby Food Smell Test

Take five different flavors of baby food and empty them into five disposable bowls. Number each bowl and then write down the flavors on an answer sheet. Place the bowls in front of the guests and have each of them smell the food. Each guest writes down what they think the baby food is for each number. The person that matches the most wins.

Clothes peg Round-up

As everyone arrives, hand out one clothes peg to each guest. Tell them to place it anywhere on their clothing. The object of this game is to NOT sit cross-legged (because mum-to-be can’t) through the entire shower. The guest who catches another guest sitting this way gets to take their clothes peg. The person with the most clothes pegs at the end of the shower wins.

Everything Baby From A-Z

Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil. Set an oven timer to one minute and tell the guests to write each letter of the alphabet on each line of the paper. Each guest has to come up with one baby-related word for each letter before the timer goes off. The person with the most creative baby-related words wins.

nappy Race

Have each guest nappy a baby doll as quickly as they can. The person with the quickest time wins. Variation: Have two guests race each other in nappying a balloon blindfolded. If they don’t pop it in the process, the person who’s  the quickest wins.